Jonathan Juursema

Hey! 👋🏼 I'm a nerd from the Netherlands. 🇳🇱

Hey! 👋🏼

I'm a nerd from the Netherlands. 🇳🇱 I am curious, communicative, always looking to learn and eager to try new and challenging things. My professional interest revolves mainly around computers with a focus on security, networking and infrastructure. Other than that I also love to build my own PC, play video games, learn about (astro)physics and do some photography.

I love to go outside.️ I try to be active multiple times a week by climbing, running and other activities. I enjoy traveling, and try to go on a winter sports and/or diving vacation at least once a year. In 2020, I took three months off to go to New Zealand and travel around in a converted campervan.

During my studies I've spent a lot of time I should have spent studying getting involved in various associations and organisations. Even though it's been some time since I graduated I still feel connected to many of them and I try to help whenever I can. I firmly believe that these associations and organisations have contributed just as much to my personal and professional growth as my studies did.

You won't find me on social media much. This website is my internet presence where I share what I'm up to. Are you interested to get in touch? Feel free to send me a message! You can find my contact details in the top right of the menu bar.

You can get in touch by e-mailing me on .

You can send me encrypted e-mail or verify text signed by me using GPG key ID 0F62BCD1.

You (and myself) can find my SSH public key fingerprint here.